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The Things I Can't Say Out Loud

Oh and I’m banging this hot kid who I’m pretty sure used to hate me or still does. Either way, I win.

So it turns out the kid I banged in January (who has a girlfriend btw) is apparently still telling people how good the sex was. Well that sufficiently fed my ego for the rest of my life.

Stop toying with me just because you know I still want you

I like talking to you and I like spending time with you. I hope you don’t get the wrong idea, I just want to be your best friend.

Of course the day I decide to lose weight my sister asks if I want Wendy’s!! Said no. I’m getting a grilled chicken and spinach wrap instead. (Not from Wendy’s)

I don’t know if it’s my depression that’s making me horny but all I want is sex. Sex with multiple people. And sex with multiple people at the same time, all of the time.

I’ve even started to think about breaking into the porn industry.

Losing weight again. I know I’ll revert back to my old ways because I’m so impatient about it. When I want something, I want it now. And I want my old body back.

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